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Blodgett's Automotive
431 W 10th. St.
San Bernardino, CA
ph: (909)885-0954
fax: (909)885-8166
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    About Our Auto & Body Shop


Stacey Blodgett founded this shop in 1973. We have been at this location Since 1975. Ever since we opened our doors, we've been providing quality automotive service to our customers. We take pride in hiring the most qualified technicians, offering the fairest prices to our customers, and utilizing the best in automotive technology and services to fix or maintain your vehicle.


Stacey Blodgett has been turning wrenches & has had a huge interest in mechanics & cars since he was 12 years old. He opened this business when he was 23 years old. Originally from Missoula, MT. he moved to San Bernardino, CA in 1970. He loved california, so he decided to stay & make a carrer out of what he knew best. He is a very patient, hard working father of 5. He loves his family very much & treats his customer's with the same kind of love & respect. Stacey Blodgett truly is, one of a kind.

Our technicians have a great interest in the repairs & mechanics of automobiles. They enjoy helping our customer's to have a pleasent & non-stressful experience. We have had many years of experience in volkswagen & foreign car auto repair.


Car Care Tip of the day

Don't leave the engine running while the vehicle is parked in the garage. Carbon monoxide gas -- a silent, odorless killer -- is part of exhaust gas. If the engine needs to run, back the car out of the garage and close the door.

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ASA Member  ASE Brakes 
Better Business Bureau Member