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    Our Car Care Tips
Knowing some basics about your vehicle and scheduling regular maintenance work can really help you save money on repairs. We've put together some commonly asked car care questions and answers for your convenience. Just click on the question link for a quick answer. Also, for the Air Cooled Volkswagen owners out there:

1) These vehicles should be run on 91 Octane Premium Fuel. Most people do not know this, but when volkswagens came out, they ran on 91 Octane regular fuel. Premium was 102 Octane. Now our premium is 91 Octane. These vehicles do need this octane to continue to run cool & keep the engine in tune longer. The 87 & 89 Octane fuel that we have now will ruin a air cooled volkswagen engine. They need the 91 Octane, it is very important.

2) Keep your valves adjusted & oil changed every 3 Months or 3,000 Miles, whichever comes first. Even if the vehicle gets this service done & goes straight home to be parked, it needs to have this service done. Just the outside temperatures from sitting can expand & contract the engines characteristics & throw things out of tune. That is why it is important to have this service done.

3) Get your full Tune-Up done every 6 Months or 6,000 Miles, whichever comes first. This goes with regular maintanence. Car Care Q&A

Here are some commonly asked car care and repair questions. Click on the link for a quick answer.

Body & Interior Car Care Q&A

Here are answers to some common questions about keeping your car looking good, inside and out.

Auto Body Repair

Get educated about your collision, auto body, interior and glass needs.

  • Getting a Damage Appraisal -- Been in a wreck? A damage appraisal is often the first thing your insurance company will want. Read these tips for navigating the process.
  • Choosing a Body Shop -- The key to quality auto body repair lies in choosing the right shop. Here are eight bits of good advice for finding the right shop for the work you need.

Car Care Tip of the day

Buy a bottle of touch-up paint for your car to touch up small scratches and stone chips before they start to rust. These bottles are available from auto parts stores and car dealers and come with a built-in touch-up brush.

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